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Back in the mid-1980s, subscribers to the Money Forecast Letter began demanding that we publish a newsletter that would give specific investment advice based on our remarkably accurate economic forecasts. In 1987, as Editor Adrian Van Eck grew more and more concerned about the potential for a sizable drop in the stock market, he decided the time had come to give in to his subscribers. In the summer of 1987, the first issue of the Investment Letter warned readers of a coming “time out” in the long-running bull market. Subscribers had several weeks advanced notice of the 1987 crash that took most of Wall Street by surprise.

Over the years, the Investment Letter has continued to provide subscribers with timely investment advice. After the crash in 1987, we advised readers to get back in to the stock market. In 1989, we told investors that the real estate boom that had defined the latter half of the 1980s was destined to come to an ignoble end. We advised our readers to be long gold during the 1990s and we told them in November of 1999 that the stock market had become a bubble that must soon pop. Three years later, we told our readers that a new bull market was starting. More recently, we advised our readers not to lose faith in the stock market after the panic-driven crash of 2008-09. We advised them to remain fully invested for the new bull market we knew was coming.

Because we understand that investing in stocks is a long-term commitment, we tend to have a very different perspective than most other investment advisors. These days, most investment advice seems geared toward traders and those looking to make a speculative buck. We believe that only by studying long-term trends and remembering the history that has brought us to where we are today can investors make informed decisions. The Investment Letter’s decades of success tells us that we have chosen the right approach for our readers.

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