Overseas Intelligence Report

Back in 2017, David C. Jennett, longtime editor of the Money Forecast Letter and the Investment Letter, came to the realization that something was missing from his monthly newsletters. Specifically, he was finding it impossible to discuss in detail important events taking place around the globe. These were not just headline making events like natural disasters; these were events that reverberated far beyond national borders.

Growing global uncertainty related to trade wars with China, unprecedented waves of refugees fleeing war zones in the Middle East and economic catastrophes in Latin America, and the economic dislocations resulting from Great Britain’s efforts to leave the European Union, convinced David that he needed to keep his readers informed about events taking place overseas.

Because space constraints made it impossible for him to do justice to these topics in his two existing letters, he started a third newsletter: The Overseas Intelligence Report. Twice a month David covers events from around the globe that are often ignored by the American media. Events that investors need to know about if they hope to make informed decisions about their investments.